Goodbye 2016

The day before New Years, KEZI was hosted by TV9 Seekonk’s fashion guru, Chirin Ashkar. We talked about how KEZI started, what we’ve been up to, and what’s in our future. It was the perfect way to cap […]

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Help KEZI Grow!!!

KEZI is on the brink of nationwide expansion! With your help, we’ll be able to attend 2 top juried American-made trade shows coming up in February 2017. This is an amazing opportunity to get KEZI jewelry into stores […]

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KEZI’s First Trade Show

Last weekend was filled with firsts. At 9am last Saturday, I went to U-Haul to pick up a truck to move all the furniture and jewelry displays for the New England Made Show. I had never driven anything […]

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My Tree

Celebrating my 27th birthday today, I return to one of my most cherished spots. Tucked away behind my old elementary school stands a tree I’ve come to call my tree. I’ve visited it all my life, sitting beneath […]

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Becky’s Treasure

On her trip to Armenia with family & friends, Becky found beautiful obsidian stones along the ground and packed a bag full of them. She could only imagine having a custom set made with them one day. That […]

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From Copper to Silver

In September 2013, after a year of exploring jewelry design through copper wire, I made my first sterling silver piece. It was of my favorite necklace at the time, the one known as the “Wing Necklace” now. I […]

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KEZI’s First TV Appearance!

KEZI jewelry was just featured on RI’s local show, “An hour With Bob”! During the show, Bob Venturini interviews designer Samuel Vartan during which his various looks are modeled and adorned in KEZI jewelry. KEZI’s own Olivia James makes […]

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What a night!!!

KEZI’s fashion show with Samuel Vartan was an absolute hit! What a thrill it was to see my handmade designs walking down the runway on such beautiful women adorned in designer clothes. It still feels like a dream. […]

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Olivia's Apartment

KEZI’s First Home

As I prepare to transition into my 4th studio, I am reminded of my first workspace in an apartment I had fresh out of grad school. It was located in the South End on a beautiful side street complete […]

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