Last weekend was filled with firsts. At 9am last Saturday, I went to U-Haul to pick up a truck to move all the furniture and jewelry displays for the New England Made Show. I had never driven anything bigger than a sedan and felt both invigorated and terrified as I looked out, perched over all the other cars.


Back home, tables and chairs, white leatherette necks and banners (and of course KEZI jewelry!) were tucked into the truck before heading out to western Mass. As I drove, anticipation was building inside– what store owners would I meet, and what will they think of my designs?

I reached the parking lot of the show and began unloading onto a new 600 lb dolly (I figured that should suffice!).


Once I got to my assigned booth, #114, auto-pilot took over, unpacking box after box.


Decorating was the fun part! Christmas lights were draped along the perimeter and plants hung on the back wall.


I even tucked some KEZI inspirations between the jewelry tables, including the last wire sculpture I made before transitioning to jewelry!

And then, finally, it was time for the goods!


I started putting jewelry in various vignettes, mixing and matching pieces from different sets.


Until at last, I stepped back from my booth and could see my vision realized.


It was a proud moment. Doing trade shows to meet store owners I’d never have met is the next step in spreading KEZI nation wide. And now, my jewelry (and me!) was about to embark on this new road.